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"Radio Moon" wins an award at "Round the globe film festival"

"Radio moon" a meditation of mankind' s fragility and the power of elements, is a very special film. Directed by Pierre Gaffié, led by the extraordinary performance of actress Marilyne Fontaine, it portrays Sibyl, a charismatic 30 years old radio host, who decides to break up with her lover, just to receive the phone call of a listener in profound dispair. Will she prevent him from committing suicide, will this call make her change her mind about her own personal life?

And has the full moon something to fo with all that?

The film has gained attention from all over the world and earned distinctions for both its filmmaker (notably at the "Big Water film festival, Wisconsin) and the actress.

We are all very happy and proud to receive this distinction from the "Round the Globe film festival" (Springfield, Oregon).

You can have a glimpse of the film here, or buy it here on this website.

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