"Radio moon", a short-film about compassion and love erratic behaviours...

"Radio Moon" was part of two north-american film festivals lately : "Wesleyan FF" (Kentucky) and "First Friday FF" (Kansas City, Missouri). For one of this festival, a "Q and A" was settled, and we could precise what was at stake in that film.

Quotes by Pierre Gaffié, filmmaker :

"The moments in my life that I've enjoyed the most were the ones where I was full of certainties AND the ones when I was full of uncertainties". It seems that what is average, mundane, leaves less traces. In "Radio moon", Sibyl, the radio-host is full of doubt in her personal life, and capable of intense strenghth to appease one of her dsperate listeners.

She's executing a kind of verbal acupuncture, with the rights words for the right person at the right time..."

"A filmmaker has many responsabilitiés. Because cinema is very good, too good, at showing killings, and very poor at showinf recoveries. Killing is so quick, but giving a cure takes much more time."

"The fact that Michel, the listener, is an independant worker (a sales agent) means a lot to me. Because today, with the big corporations taking over the visible world, there are less and less workers who have a direct responsability for what they do. The link between the consumer and the seller, which can be great sometimes, is more and more erased. No one will complain to a specific Amazon worker, but to the chain in itself... More and more, people aredeprived for their responsabilities, and therefore, their inner pride..."

"I had few concerns about casting the actress, Marilyne Fontaine. But it was much more difficult to cast the moon. She's always in motion, moving... The moon IS a radio. Sometimes we lose its frequencies, but she's always there...""

"Two days before the shooting, I knew I was lacking a quote in my film. Even if I was certain of the strength of the dialogues, I think it's important to include some quotes in a film. It's like opening the windows. Then, in my bed, I remembered what the writer Jim Harrison said : "What do we want to think that dead people are angry about us ?""

I think that, we you turn 50, it's becoming less and less easy to NOT feel responsabilies in other people's fates or conditions. Myself, I still feel guilty sometimes..."

Grab morestuff in this video :

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