Real World anniversary : an open box for open artists

On this photograph, Peter Gabriel is sitting close to Jean-Marc Ayrault, a great and underrated polician, former prime minister from France, and the long-time mayor of the city of Nantes. Behind them is Thomas Brooman, whith who Gabriel launched Womad.

Being a long-time Peter Gabriel fan, I just HAD to follow his adventures as an entrepreneur. How would he stand as a facilitator for other people's ideas ? Will he keep his path free of both obscurantism and mercantile and easy stuff ?

I remembered a story where Peter Gabriel stood as a referee for a football match (literally), and things didn't go that well as he received some boos from the audience (I think it was for a free kick or a penaly concern). As a teenager, I loved this (true) story. Could you imagine many pop stars daring making so many enemies (possibly half of the attendance) ?

A few years after, when I worked on TV channel Canal Plus, as a cinema critic (with Antoine de Caunes), I received, courtesy from Virgin France, the first "Real World" records. I don't mean "Passion" "(Last temptation of Christ" soundtrack) but "Plus from Us", or the almbus from the Guo brothers, Geoffrey Oryema or Papa Wemba. Apart from the music, I loved the purity and imaginative side of the sleeves. A very important point. (until today, I have much hesitation when I want o buy a CD, whose music I love but whose sleeve I don't like or respect...)

Then Gabriel appears in "Tararata" (french musical program, very poorly run but full of wonderful artists), and seing him singing "Land of Anaka" with Geoffrey Oryema, brought the same tears in my eyes that the "In your eyes" duet with Youssou n'dour on stage during the "So" tour.

Thanks to Real World, I've discovered Martyn Bennet, 9 Bach and Andy White ("Come down to the sea", a song not published by Real World) is one of my 30 favourites songs...

For my film "The dolphin skin city", I made a commercial connection with "Real World" buying the rights of the song "Curtains" for the opening sequence. This is where the story not ends, but I hope, start again.

Thank you Peter Gabriel, and all the stuff of Real World for being so Real Worth...


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