Why AMAZON cares about my sexual life

You think you can go relatively secret in today's world ? That at least some (very private) parts of you could remain yours and yours only. You're dead wrong. Recently, AMAZON has announced he closes down his (not good) film's festivals submission device : "Without a box". God know how many people have spent fortunes on it, not having any feedbacks on their submission. It was hell on cinema earth.

But, a few weeks ago, submitting a film to the "Sundance film festival", I had (after putting the film's specifications in terms of cast, crew, etc...) to put my sexual inclinations. You think it's a joke ? Not at all. After having paid 60 dollars (just to have your film examined) this answer was mandatory. A shame... Then I realized that "Without a box" was part of "IMDB" which was part of Amazon. So "Amazon" knows about my sexuality...

Beware, all !


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