"Radio Moon" at the Big Water Film Festival in Wisconsin.

"Radio Moon" is a very special film. It spans many human's feeelings : our transcendental side (here, our link to the moon), the interior world (our responsability about other people's fate), and of course the mediatical side...

After all, a man is made of a soul (most of the times !), a need for transcendance, and a urge to communicate.

I've always thought that 90% of the films based on a internet-related plot, are boring; I wanted to portray a late night radio host, with all that it conveys : solitude, confession from listeners, rituals in the studio, etc...

The film was shot by Sophie Cadet, and is starring Marilyne Fontaine, one of the finest french actresses.

Shot in 30 hours, in June, it's now packed...

Long live "Radio Lune" ("Radio moon")

One of its first screenings will take place at the wonderful "Big Water Film Festival", (Wisconsin), between the 7th and the 11st of November...

Production contact : Marilia Deloison,


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