Alina Pruna, a feline model for emotional catwalks

It’s never easy or banal to film a fashion défilé. Especially when you usually never do that…

When my good-friend Nausica asked me to film the Liza Panait’s new collection, at the Romanian embassy in Paris, she wouldn’t have taken « no » for an answer.

The place was beautiful and the audience seems very quiet, something I wasn’t expecting.

(a fashion défilé seems very noisy on television but is more like a quiet mass in reality. Like a pilgrimage)

I had asked two friends to film the défilé, along with me. Stupidly, one of the 3 cameras didn’t function well.

The gentleness of the public, of Nausica, allowed me to stand very close to the models, at a place where you usually never get. At the rear, like at the end’s aile of a supersonic.

Filming a défilé forces you to adapt yourself to the models, but also to the music. That evening, I discovered the brilliant « Lilies of the valley » by Jun Miyake. You cannot « enjoy » the beauty of music, during a catwalk, but you can feel it feeding your body, your soul and, if you manage well, your camera…

When you shoot a fiction film, you tend to forget any personal pulsions toward actresses. The film is so important, that you can fall for the character you’ve written, but never with the actress.

At this Liza Panait’s défilé, clothes were very distinct, full of naivety and creativity at the same time. It was elegance without too much ostentation. Kind of stuff that every day (or every night’s) woman could presumedly wear. So it was nice.

After 6 or 7 shows, I became mostly aware of one the models on the catwalk. Her beauty was stunning but also very melancholic. She could grab the world in her hands, take you in a world of beauty and pleasure, but you could FEEL something different. And I have to say that I’ve never -found that again, ever since, in a model.

Alina Pruna, time to write her name now, was so gorgeous, that you wanted the music to step down, even disappears, so that you could hear HER music. She was a earth creature, full of ethereal promises. Her walk was voluptuous but never vulgar or too plain. Her eyes are like stars and her legs are like wings. The catwalk was not enough for her.

After 10 minutes, I was expecting the moment when she’d come from the back, get through the catwalk and arrives right in front of my camera. Moments like that are precious. I’m a string believer that models can develop a language of their own, where body and soul mix altogether. Beauty is not enough, it’s nothing without charm.

I’ve never seen Alina since that evening of November, 2011. I managed to contact her to send her the images.

I wish that, one day, she could open herself to the perspective of becoming an actress, in theater or in film. I’m absolutely certain she could be extraordinary in many roles : a married woman, a painter, a scientist or grandmother.

Her body maybe a secret weapon, it’s a necessity for a model. But her sensitivity emerges so much from her moves that it MUST be visible for everybody. Not just the catwalks’ happy few…

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