Very close to stardom : Seana KERSLAKE

In 2013, I attended the great film festival "L'Europe autour de l'Europe", in Paris. Many films, many risks taken both by the filmmakers AND the curators. At the time (well only 4 years ago !), I was finishing my own film ("The dolphin skin city") and feeling a little "undertownian", in between waves... At the end of one peculiar day, a very powerful was screened : "Dollhouse" by Kristen Sheridan. At first (like many great films), I felt unconfortable in front of this mayhem : a lot of characters, lots of screaming, lots of upside-down situations. But I became accostumed and finally enjoyed the film a lot. It was bold and not cold. I even took some pictures (I know, it's forbidden) of the screening, and I watch them from time to time. Shame that no french distributors showed the film in France ever since...

During the award ceremony, Seana Kerslake, of the main actresses of the film, came on stage to receive one trophy. I had noticed her, of course, during the screening. And I felt shIe was tremendous, poignant, a body and a soul put together in a very singular way. Then I watched the film again and noticed even more the subtleties of her work. I'm certain she could become one of the biggest stars of this century...

Pierre GAFFIé (


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