Is Martin Scorsese a (hidden) painter ?

Look at those two picture. One is a painting, the other comes from a much celebrated and amibiguous film (recently De NIRO established connections between Taxi Driver's hero and Donald Trump)...

On the left, Georges ROUAULT's painting frames Jesus in a very candid posture. Crucified but with his eyes opened, looking for our empathy. On the right, Travis pulls his finger on his head for an imaginery suicide. He has just provoked a bloodbath and considered the corpses he left behind. He has made his purification possible, by killing pimps. To save a prostiture teenager. In Rouault's painting, Jesus also is about to die. In both cases (being the son of God or the son of Vietnam), the face is almost the same : heavy, coloured, with blood rivers... As Springsteen sang : "It's hard to be a saint in the city". Same for the psychotic...


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