For its eleventh edition, the DCFF, taking place at the Sister Bay village hall (in Wisconsin) has the good idea to screen our film "Radio Moon". It's a great privilege for the crew to another (the 21th...) official selection in the USA. (and the second in the Wisconsin state).

In November 2018, director Pierre Gaffié flew to Ashland to present the film at the "Big water FF" to great success (the film gained a p...


On this photograph, Peter Gabriel is sitting close to Jean-Marc Ayrault, a great and underrated polician, former prime minister from France, and the long-time mayor of the city of Nantes. Behind them is Thomas Brooman, whith who Gabriel launched Womad.

Being a long-time Peter Gabriel fan, I just HAD to follow his adventures as an entrepreneur. How would he stand as a facilitator for other people's ideas ? Will h...


Although Pierre GAFFIÉ wasn't able to attend, it was great to have our "Radio Moon" screened in the beautiful town of Ridgway, CO. The festival looks great and there were many exchanges of messages on to the last minute.$We hope to attend the 2020 edition ! In the meanwhile, congratulations to all the festival's crew !


 We are pleased to announce you that "Radio Moon" is currently a finalist at the "Holly at Film Bath" festival which takes places in Bath this week. Pierre GAFFIÉ, the director, attended the festival, and was among the audience when "Radio Moon" was filmed. He felt a strong feeling of implication of the audience. During the discussion between Sibyl, the radio host, and Michel, her listener in the film, you coul...


The city that doesn't sleep will soon welcome a short-film where a late-night radio host is the main character...

The "Arts is alive" festival, run by Cindy Mich, will take place from the 31st of July until the 3rd of August. There will be meet and greet and "Q and A". Although the filmmaker, Pierre Gaffié, won't attend, we hope for great returns from the audience.

The event will take place at the "Dazie's Restau...


During a tremendous filming at "La cigale", in Paris, for Mayra Andrade's concert, Pierre Gaffié decided to question the rising star in a sometimes unexpected way. Many topics were discussed, from childhood to set-list, from the choice of garments to some imaginary concerts.

Let's hope this program will be available, let alone broadcast soon, as it's an in-depth focus on Mayra...

Here is the film made by Pierre...


You think you can go relatively secret in today's world ? That at least some (very private) parts of you could remain yours and yours only. You're dead wrong. Recently, AMAZON has announced he closes down his (not good) film's festivals submission device : "Without a box". God know how many people have spent fortunes on it, not having any feedbacks on their submission. It was hell on cinema earth.

But, a few wee...


Deuxième sélection anglaise pour "Radio Lune". Le film sera projeté Mardi 11 Juin au "Hilde-Bede College", dans le cadre d'une programmation qui semble de haute volée.

Pierre GAFFIÉ ne pourra malheureusement pas être présent, malgré l'invitation, mais quelques mots seront lus avant la projection par la déléguée générale du festival : Matilda LLOYD-WILLIAMS.

Voici d'ailleurs les mots que cette dernière a écrits po...


"Radio Lune", produit par "De Rome à Sydney" et réalisé par Pierre GAFFIé, connaît sa 18ème sélection (sur 18 états différents...) aux Etats-Unis. Pour un film très dialogué, et donc sous-titré sur 15 minutes, qui aborde le thème de la mort, évoque la guérison, et ne donne pas de réponses clefs en main, c'est une carrière réconfortante. Preuve que l'on peut aborder des thèmes adultes, sans être relégué aux sous...


A great honor : "Radio moon" directed by Pierre Gaffié, will be screened at the next Ridgewood Film Festival, in New Jersey, in April. A first New Jerseyan for that film about love and loss...

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La ville aux murs dauphins sera au Nicaragua ! The Dolphin skin city will be in Nicaragua !

May 22, 2017

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