The Door county Short film festival welcomes "Radio Moon"

For its eleventh edition, the DCFF, taking place at the Sister Bay village hall (in Wisconsin) has the good idea to screen our film "Radio Moon". It's a great privilege for the crew to another (the 21th...) official selection in the USA. (and the second in the Wisconsin state). In November 2018, director Pierre Gaffié flew to Ashland to present the film at the "Big water FF" to great success (the film gained a prize) Let's say it again : it's very warming to see that a very "wordy" film like "Radio Moon" (the story of a late-night radio host who, though engulfed in personal turnmoil) finds the strength to appease of her listeners, close to commit suicide. As the film is not dubbed (Americans

"La nuit se lève" / "Radio Moon" : Marilyne FONTAINE nominated...

For its first edition, the "Main street Film Festival" (taking place at the exquisite Esquire Theater in Carthage, Texas) has chosen Marilyne FONTAINE in the last 5 best actresses of the competition. A great honor for her and of the film's crew... For this who don't know (yet), "Radio Moon" tells the story of a late-night radio host, Sibyl, who is very taking care of her listeners' turnmoils and despairs. But, on a full-moon night, Sibyl herself is vacillating in her love life. So, the phone call from Michel, desperate because he feels guilty for the death of one of her clients, makes her re-considerate her own certainties... "Radio Moon" has been shown in 7 countries : France, the USA (14 s

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