Ridgway Film Festival (Colorado) has welcomed "Radio Moon"

Although Pierre GAFFIÉ wasn't able to attend, it was great to have our "Radio Moon" screened in the beautiful town of Ridgway, CO. The festival looks great and there were many exchanges of messages on to the last minute.$We hope to attend the 2020 edition ! In the meanwhile, congratulations to all the festival's crew ! #newsen

Qui est (vraiment) Sophie MARCEAU ? Rencontre avec Frédéric QUINONERO

Frédéric Quinonero était l'invité de l'émission "Obliques" (Fréquence Protestante 100.7) pour parler de son livre "Sophie Marceau, en toute liberté" paru chez Mareuil éditions... Fille de routier, Sophie Marceau a tracé une route artistique à nulle autre pareille. Victime d'un contrat de quasi-surveillance par Gaumont (qui voulait en gros la formater...), sa séparation avec Claude Pinoteau, réalisateur de "La boum" se fait dans un aéroport (encore une histoire de route...), suite à des incompatibilités de choix pour le film "La dernière cible". "A 13 ans, on m'a briefée" dit Marceau. Une formule qui fait froid dans le dos. A Hollywood, autrefois, certaines actrices sont mortes pour moins qu

RADIO MOON by Pierre GAFFIÉ finalist at the Holly at FilmBath festival

We are pleased to announce you that "Radio Moon" is currently a finalist at the "Holly at Film Bath" festival which takes places in Bath this week. Pierre GAFFIÉ, the director, attended the festival, and was among the audience when "Radio Moon" was filmed. He felt a strong feeling of implication of the audience. During the discussion between Sibyl, the radio host, and Michel, her listener in the film, you could hear a fly ! "Moon" was clearly the most emotional film of all. There was many comedies, or films about strangeness and ghosts... Unfortunately, there was no "Q and A". But Pierre managed to discuss with some viewers the day after. We still wait for the audience's prize to be awarded.

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